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If you thought all you needed to do for a wedding was to make sure you had plenty of chairs for the reception, think again. Long gone are the days where plain old ordinary chairs were good enough. Now, you need the appropriate chair covers to match the mood. Here’s what you need to know about wedding chair cover rental companies.

Wedding chair cover hiresYou have many options as to where to look to start researching rental companies. Most local party supply stores can arrange for the chairs and the covers as well. Many will even have some on the show room floor to show you your choices.

Also check out companies that do the party planning, not just sell and rent supplies. If you choose to hire a company like this you may also be able to get professional design advice as to what type of covers and designs might be best suited for your particular wedding needs. Not all weddings need white covers with bows!

Certain covers will only fit certain chairs, and if you are looking for chair covers online, you need to make certain you are ordering the right ones. Typical rental chairs are either tall square backs or the more common rounded backs for the folding chairs. Depending on the company you may even be able to pick from more choices. Many companies you find online will have local offices from where the covers will be shipped or delivered by van.

You might also want to get some references from these companies, too. Problems could arise that you’d never think of, until they happen. If you can get a reference from someone who has used the services of a particular company, that’s a great place to start. Also check online bulletin boards. If a website has their own "testimonial" section, don’t pay much attention. These testimonials can easily be faked (for any company, actually).

Liability will differ between companies as well. There’s a certain level of "normal wear and tear" to be expected when you rent wedding chair covers, but what one company considers normal conditions might be for a typical indoor reception at a hall, while your specific plans call for an outdoor function at the beach. Before signing a contract, make sure you know what additional charges you might be responsible for once the covers are returned.

Also make sure how long you can have the covers, and what the overdue penalties are. Again, these differ widely by company.

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