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For a banquet planner there is nothing more gratifying than to sit back and watch people really enjoying themselves at the banquet that you put together. It’s fun to watch as guests engage in conversation at their table, mingle around the banquet hall or become totally engrossed in the entertainment or speaker.

Perfect banquet chairYour banquet is likely such a success because of your attention to detail and the amount of thought you put into the little things that most of the guests take for granted. Small, but vitally important things such as food presentation, table cloths, table arrangement, and even something as mundane as the chairs can make or break a banquet. If the chairs are comfortable and well placed they will serve their purpose and go unnoticed. An uncomfortable chair can ruin an otherwise delightful evening.

Don’t worry that these small details are being taken for granted by your guests. That is just a good indication that they are doing their job and serving their purpose well. Your guests will show their appreciation for successful overall event. They’ll never know how much effort went into the planning and preparation, they’ll just know that they had an exceptional time and they have you to thank for that.

So when you are shopping to equip your banquet hall keep in mind the following criteria and you will find the perfect chairs for just about any banquet setting.

* Comfort is imperative. The comfort of your quests should be the top priority; your guests will likely be sitting during most of the banquet, especially if there is planned entertainment or a speaker. The chairs should be well spaced and able to accommodate any size guests from children to adults.

* Ideally the chairs should be stackable. Banquet guest lists frequently number from 50 to 500 people, which means you will have to store a large number of chairs in a small space. Stack-ability also helps if you quickly need to clear space for a presentation or to make a dance floor during your event.

* Durability is important. Buying dozens or hundreds of banquet chairs is a sizable investment. You want the chairs to last a long time and not need a lot of maintenance or repairs. This way you will get maximum use from each banquet chair you purchase.

* The chairs should 1000 be nice in appearance. The visual appeal of the banquet hall is central to the theme of the event. The chairs must blend in nicely and compliment any dcor or color scheme.

* Versatility is a must. If at all possible the chairs should be able to accommodate indoor or outdoor settings and virtually any type or theme of banquet.

If you invest in chairs that meet all these criteria then you will have equipment that will not only make the banquet you are currently planning work well but will work well for the future as well. Replacement and maintenance costs should be minimal leaving more in your budget for food and decorations. Year in and year out you will have comfortable, durable chairs perfect for any banquet site.

By: Cheri Brennan

Cheri Brennan is an avid banquet and event planning enthusiast. She has planned many events for friends, family and corporate settings. To get more great articles, tips and banquet planning ideas click over to

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