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Finding A Reliable Banquet Chair Supplier

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The success you have in buying quality furniture and other supplies to start a new banquet facility depend to a great extent on who you do business with. Naturally, the job of research what the best banquet furniture is for your business and to bring those specifications to the agent who will provide you with that furniture but how you pick a good, reliable supplier will be one of the many business decisions that will tell the tale on whether your banqueting business will be a success or not.

Banquet chair supplierOne good step you might consider that will give you more assurance that you are selecting a great banqueting furniture supplier is to create a checklist of what you are looking for in this new business partner. The agent who supplies your business with the furniture that will make your banquet services come to life really is a new partner in your success. The furniture you buy to serve the guests who come to your banquets is a huge purchase decision. You want a supplier you can depend on not only to deliver on time and on the price you agreed to but that they will stand behind their work. Some of the criteria of a good banquet furniture supplier are…

* A good record and reputation with other customers. They should be willing to give you references and be happy for you to call those references to check on their performance in the past.
* A strong relationship with the major banquet furniture manufacturers and distributors so they can get you the furniture they say they can get and on price and budget as well.

* Good communications skills. You want your supplier to be in touch with you often to inform you how well your order is coming along.
* A lively interest in your business. A good suppler might even suggest alternatives if a certain type of banquet chair or table is not available of if, from his experience, you are making a poor choice. In other words, he is a supplier who looks out for you, the customer.
* An interest in a long term relationship. While the biggest order you will place will be that first one when you are getting set up, you may have smaller orders over time. Your supplier should understand that this is not just one sale but the beginning of a long term business partnership.
* The ability to back up the sale with 1000 support and to guarantee the promises that are made. If the supplier will put his "money where his mouth is", then he knows he can deliver and he is not just using sweet talk to make the sale. You also want to see that supplier come around to fix problem with the banquet furniture you order. That is the kind of long term customer service that is the evidence of a great banquet furniture supplier.

You can always just allow banquet furniture suppliers to find you. As you let the marketplace know you are interested in making a large purchase of banquet furniture, furniture suppliers will seek you out. But to find suppliers who can fulfill the tough demands of our checklist, it is better if you drive the selection process rather than the suppliers.

A great place to start is with other banquet services owners and operators. While they will be your competition, if you call up banquet services clearly to get advice on who to do business with and who NOT to do business with in the banquet furniture business, you will find them friendly and eager to help you make this choice. Nobody likes to see a fellow businessperson make a bad decision. And if that banquet facilities owner has a good furniture supplier, he will want to throw some business his way to keep him in business and to deprive poor businesspeople of the business.

By: Alex Ebbingson

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